Friday, September 16, 2011

The Unwritten, Volume 2/Mike Carey & Peter Gross

The Unwritten, Volume 2: Inside Man; Mike Carey, Peter Gross; graphic novel, 144 p

Oh my word. This series grew its beard (see TVTropes) in a big damn hurry. It pulls no punches. No. Punches.
And basically I loved every minute of it. But it also kind of destroyed my soul, if that's a good thing. Yes. Clearly it is. I'm obviously a little incoherent at how good it is.

Suffice to say, Tom Taylor's troubles increase exponentially, as does the disaster that seems to follow him around. Also there's nazis.
My compliments to both Carey and Gross for hitting their stride here, and really having fun with the graphic novel as a medium. I cannot wait until I can read volume three. yeeeee!

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