Thursday, September 29, 2011

Drive by James Sallis

Drive by James Sallis, 158 pages.

I only recently heard about Sallis and this book. Apparently it has been made into quite the movie. Wowed them at Cannes. The review I heard made me seek out the book, and I am glad that I did. The main character, Driver, keeps every detail of his life private. He does stunt driving for the movies, and he drives getaway for professional criminals in Los Angeles. His father got him started in a life of crime, and he lived that life until his mother broke down in a big way, leaving Driver in foster care. Now he lives alone and no one knows him. That comes in handy when his last driving gig goes awry and his cohorts end up dead. He is left trying to drive and think his way out of a big messy situation. Great for fans of Lee Child, Richard Stark and George Pelecanos.

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