Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Studs Terkel's Working

Studs Terkel's Working: a graphic adaptation adapted by Harvey Pekar  197 pp.

Working started out as a book and has evolved into a radio drama, a Broadway show, and this graphic novel version. Terkel interviewed working people in all sorts of professions from waitresses to grave diggers, stock brokers to hookers. Some love their jobs, others hate what they are doing, still others look upon their jobs as...just a job. The great thing about this graphic novel version is how well the artists used their talents to portray the different people and their take on their jobs. The stock broker, whose commentary is pretty boring, is drawn in a very straight forward (and boring) way. The union organizer is drawn with solid angular lines of organizing posters. The artwork for the opinionated and somewhat snotty hair stylist is very busy. The young, long-haired magazine proofreader is in a very cartoon-like fashion. This book captured Terkel's work beautifully.

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