Friday, September 23, 2011

Birds of Prey: Club Kids/Gail Simone

Birds of Prey: Club Kids by Gail Simone (Birds of Prey vol 8); graphic novel; 128 pages

Okay, here's the problem with a series like Birds of Prey: DC likes crossovers. And I generally like crossovers, too. It gives the writers more time and a larger canvas on which to hang the story, and it lets us play with other characters in the DCU. In a series like Batman, most crossovers are collected under the Batman title. Likewise with JLA, etc. So in a series like Birds of Prey, which gets crossed-over a lot, there are a lot of holes, because those issues have already been collected under larger titles. And that's what this motley collection of seemingly unrelated stories seemed to be: little one-shots that took place between crossovers, which have since been collected elsewhere. I kept feeling like I had missed HUGE plot developments because they happened in other titles: Green Arrow proposed to Black Canary? When? Barda is dead?? How???) The title story, "Club Kids" is probably the best to read without any background, and it still references things that I knew nothing about (Oracle tried to take Black Alice under her wing? When was this? And why does Black Alice hate Misfit so much?). A frustrating reading experience.

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