Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dance, dance, dance

Dance, dance, dance/Haruki Mirakami 393 pgs

Mirakami is becoming one of those authors that I want to read all the time. I'm behind on his work so it will take a while to catch up. This book revisits the themes of loneliness, loss, abandonment. The main character is a writer who takes jobs for magazines. He just writes what they want. He refers to it as "shoveling snow"...it is just something he does for a living not as an "art". He experiences several absurd incidents like finding himself in a dark almost empty room with 6 skeletons that he thinks represents people he has known who have died and people he knows who will die. He befriends a 13 year old clairvoyant girl who has a very troubled relationship with her parents. He is confronted by "the sheep man" in a dark dream-like alternate reality while visiting a hotel. All of this is hard to explain and hard to explain why I appreciate it so much. An interesting book that I enjoyed in audio.

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