Friday, September 30, 2011

Plague: A Gone Novel by Michael Grant 492 pages

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I celebrated by whipping through this latest installment of the Gone series. You would be an idiot to start with this chapter. You must start with Gone. Anyway, picking up where our characters left off.... it's not like they are able to sit back and think about how miserable their existences are or applaud surviving past challenges. Flying snakes spit green goo and if it lands on you, congrats you have just been infected with a parasite kin to that memorable one in Alien(the movie) which will give birth and eat you from the inside. Now if all the good guys were together they may have come up with a solution quickly, but, of course, they are split up all over in this tiny geographic area. Drake, the guy with the snake arm, and Brittney, a "good" freak are trapped in the same body having an existential battle for supremecy. Petey and lots of kids have caught a killer flu that Lana can't seem to cure. Lana's gift also won't kill the parasites that are eating up Hunter and other characters. Sam and Astrid are on the outs. Albert almost bites the dust and Computer Jack becomes a "good guy" again. Definitely has comic book elements, but will satisfy that craving for escapist action. Next episode won't be out until April.

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