Tuesday, July 18, 2017

We are never meeting in real life

We are never meeting in real life: essays / Samantha Irby, 275 pgs.

After choosing this book based solely on the cover (something I explained here), I read Irby's previous book while I waited for this to come up on hold for me.  This one is just as good as the last.  I laughed out loud several times, once scaring my own cats when I could not easily stop laughing. Irby continues to tell it like it is, she does not sugar coat, she does not care if she offends you, she does not care if it embarrasses you because it certainly doesn't embarrass her.  In other words, Irby is everything I admire.  This book has some great insights, some absolutely profane disgusting stories, and something else.  After years of dating men, she found the perfect woman and married her.  Keep up the good work Samantha, I'm already ready for your next book.

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