Thursday, July 6, 2017

Option B

Option B: facing adversity, building resilience, and finding joy / Sheryl Sandberg & Adam Grant, 226 pgs.

Part memoir and part psychology self help, this book tells Sheryl Sandberg's story of her husband dying in 2015 and how difficult it was to cope. Sure, it seems like this would be difficult for anyone and it is part of the point of the book to help people deal with grief, loss, bad situations of all types but death is the focus.  Overcome with grief, Sandberg could not see a way out.  She was worried about her kids, her ability to do her job and her personal future in pretty much every way.  What she discovered is that she was more resilient than she thought. Yes, she had help, yes, she had support of family and friends and colleagues, but she was surprised by the things that she could manage.  This book is full of research and suggestions for all of us.  First, give yourself a chance, you are stronger than you think.  No, you probably don't have the financial resources that Sandberg has, but you probably have to ability to get through whatever you are dealing with.

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