Saturday, July 22, 2017

The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao

The brief wonderous life of Oscar Wao / Junot Diaz, read by Lin-Manuel Miranda & Karen Olivo, 339 pgs.

A family story that tells of Oscar, his mother, his grandparents.  Is there a curse on the family?  Everyone has issues but no one more than Oscar.  After a childhood of being cute, he turns into an overweight nerd who has no chance with the ladies.  He is miserable and suicidal.  Is there hope for Oscar?  The narrator is Oscar's former college roommate and his sister's on again, off again lover.  He knows Oscar as well as anyone, has read his writings, has seen him strike out over and over.  I first read this book when it was newly published and was not impressed.  This audio version has made me change my tune.  Loved every aspect of the dysfunctional family and Oscar's travails.

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