Sunday, July 2, 2017

Bitch planet: president bitch

Bitch planet: president bitch / Kelly Sue Deconnick et al. 144 pgs

Back on the prison planet, we are dropped right back into the thick of things as the inmate plan to break out or at least riot.  Nut Suhair is looking for her sister who she believes is there but in a different area. Architect Makoto Maki visits the prison and insists on seeing his daughter, who is held there.  He is unaware that she has been killed during an uprising.  He ends up taking over the facility by locking himself in the control room.

Nut Suhair is sure she is onto the placement of her sister but when she gets there, she discovers the former president, Eleanor Doane, whom is assumed dead.  An uprising begins on earth and on bitch planet, we will have to wait for the next book to see how it goes.

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