Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The new new thing

The new new thing: a Silicon Valley story / Michael Lewis, 269 pgs.

Jim Clark is described as "an American treasure," "insufferable," and "infuriating."  He is also the guy who headed three billion dollar businesses, and made his fortune by seeing what was coming and jumping on it way before there was a bandwagon and before anyone saw that he was right.  In depth and covering less of the economics that Lewis in known for, you get a look into Clark but what we see is so confusing, I'm not sure I learned much.  Still fun to read and hard to imagine, the idea of hopping into a helicopter with this guy is scary but Lewis never hesitated.

As I go back and re-read and read some for the first time, I'm still amazed at how Lewis can make seemingly any topic interesting to me.

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