Friday, July 21, 2017


Boundless by Jillian Tamaki, 248 pages.
The extraordinary Canadian graphic artist and storyteller gives us a collection of short stories that are quite different in tone and texture from her previous works and collaborations, Skim, This One Summer, and Supermutant Magic Academy.
Where those (the first two done in collaboration with her cousin, Mariko) were aimed more at a YA audience, these stories are marketed towards adults. And where earlier works had characters with some hopefulness about their futures, the stories here have characters who look back, if not with regret, then with a sense that some of their earlier optimism had been misplaced, whether it's a woman who finds herself growing smaller every day, the producer of a once popular pornographic sit-com looking back on the show's heyday, or the members of an odd collective / cult who had initially bonded over a shared obsession with a strange music file, the characters tell their tales with hints of melancholy and nostalgia. Very engaging and a very good read.

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