Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Saints for all occasions

Saints for all occasions / J. Courtney Sullivan, read by Susan Denaker, 335 pg.

Nora and Theresa Flynn leave Ireland for America where Nora, engaged to Charlie, plans to live for a few years to make money to buy their own farm in their home town.  Theresa is the younger of the two and much more interested in fashion, lipstick and meeting boys.  Not long after they arrive in America, Theresa finds herself in trouble and Nora, the responsible, believes she is taking care of the problem and doing what is best for everyone.  Fifty years past and the sisters are no longer speaking.  Without giving you any spoilers, believe me when I tell you this book does a great job of depicting the messiness of FAMILY.  Even when people love each other, there is still underlying resentment, anger, hurt feelings and SECRETS.  Of course, the secrets are my favorite.  I loved the way the book follows the sisters through their lives.  Once the party girl, Theresa is now a nun. Once a wall flower, Nora is now a strong mother of four that no one pushes around.  The audio is read well by Susan Denaker who provides accents where appropriate.

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