Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The stranger in the woods

The stranger in the woods: the extraordinary story of the last true hermit / Michael Finkel, 203 pgs. Read by Mark Bramhall

Christopher Knight was 20 years old, employed and had just bought a car when he wandered away.  I mean, he wandered out of civilization and went to live in the woods.  He continued to live in the woods for 27 years and only once had any contact with another human...a hiker to which he said "hi."  He survived the harsh Maine winters by stealing necessities from cabins and houses nearby.  He was legendary as the hermit...but no one knew who he was.  Eventually (27 years into this adventure!), he was caught.  The author wrote to him and visited him 9 times while Knight was held in jail.  This story is amazing, unreal, fabulous!  How did this man survive?  He never lit a fire even one time in the 27 years.  There were times when he wasn't sure he would survive.  Once discovered, even when he was out of jail, he seemed to long to return to the woods.  It was a lifestyle he chose and it is a lifestyle that enjoyed.  The audio version was great, Bramhall makes subtle distinctions between the voice of the author and of Knight and I was compelled to keep listening.

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