Thursday, July 6, 2017


Conclave / Robert Harris, 286 pgs. Read by Roy McMillan

The pope has died so it is time for an election.  Nobody does politics like the Cardinals! I smugly figured out the inevitable outcome of the election early on. We only get details on a few characters and a broad overview of the 118 voting members so there aren't a lot of options and I'm so damn smart.  Regardless, I could NOT stop listening to this book.  The narrator does a great job of conveying the parts that hold a little humor and the pacing is fantastic.  I was fascinated by the rituals and requirements of the conclave.  The story itself keeps you invested...and then, the twist comes.  No, I'm not going to even give you a hint but it is not that they break out a dance party when the election is settled.  Harris is a not a new author but this is the first I've read of his and it is good enough to seek out more.

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