Saturday, July 8, 2017

The dinner party and other stories, by Joshua Ferris

It is a great compliment, from me, to say that these stories remind me a bit of Alice Munro’s.  Although they are shorter than a typical Munro story, like hers, each story is almost as rich as a novel.  A small cast of characters are so deftly and tellingly drawn that one feels that one understands them deeply in a matter of a couple pages.  However, I began to approach picking up the book again with dread.  I found each of the eleven stories so sad, or depressing, or disturbing, or in one case horrifying, that I can’t say I “enjoyed” them.  There is a good bit of humor in many of the stories, but somehow it didn’t lighten my mood.  However, he’s some writer.  243 pp.

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