Friday, July 28, 2017


Beartown / Fredrik Backman, Read by Marin Ireland, 418 pgs.

This starts at a "sports" book but then turns into so much more.  Beartown is a dying town, more people are leaving than coming, jobs are scarce but there is still one focus...HOCKEY.  The junior team is coming on strong.  There is a legitimate star and they have a chance to win it all.  Winning is more than just a game.  If the town wins and is a hockey powerhouse, the hockey training academy might be located there and put Beartown back on the map.  With the academy might come a shopping area and other development.  Even though it is a sport, it means a lot to the population. We get to know many characters as the time grows closer to the quarter final.  Many players, their families, some of their friends.  Each more interesting than the last with personal stories that matter.  Then tragedy strikes.  Now everything is in question.  How will the town respond?  People who have been friends for years end up on different sides. Competition goes beyond the rink.  I listened to the audio of this book and was enthralled with Marin Ireland's narration.

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