Saturday, July 29, 2017

The cold cold ground

The cold cold ground / Adrian McKinty, read by Gerard Doyle, 320 pgs.

The OCD part of me never likes to read a series out of order but I started with the sixth in this series and loved it. But now I have to go back and fill in some background.  In this, the first Sean Duffy novel by McKinty, we meet Sean at 30.  He is a Catholic cop in Northern Ireland and still figuring a few things out.  Of course, he already has a lot under control.  Not his drinking, his smoking, or (he finds out) his sexuality.  He is a plodding cop (his description) who likes to figure things out.  When it seems like there is a serial killer taking out homosexuals (this is 1981, homosexual acts are still illegal in Northern Ireland), he applies the brawny brainpower to figure out the situation.  Not one to stop, even when his bosses take him off the case, he pieces together a story that sounds kind of nuts to everyone else.  Then he gets some confirmation that he is on to something.  I don't want to reveal any spoilers but am glad I've kept digging into Duffy.  Gerard Doyle does a great job of narrating.

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