Monday, July 17, 2017

The easy way out

The easy way out / Stephen McCauley, 298 pgs.

Patrick one of three brothers, he is the gay one but the only one in a long term relationship.  But he is wondering if he should continue the relationship.  Arthur is a good guy but a bit boring.  He wants them to buy a house together which might be too much commitment for Patrick.  Brother Tony is engaged but also in the middle of a torrid love affair with a woman he clearly prefers over his fiance.  Ryan has been separated from his wife for three years and living in his parent's basement.  The parents, Rita and Jim are the perfect picture of dysfunctional marriage.  They only know how to fight and don't seem to have ever liked each other much.  They are not very helpful to their sons as far as figuring out relationships even though they are clearly devoted to them.  This summary seems kind of bleak but the book itself is very funny. McCauley has a great perspective on family matters, nothing is taken too seriously.  Also, love that Patrick is a travel agent...does that job even exist anymore?  Great fun.

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