Saturday, July 8, 2017

The keeper of lost things

The keeper of lost things / Ruth Hogan, 278 pgs.  Read by Jane Collingwood and Sandra Duncan

The story of two women, Laura told in present time and Eunice who is told in flashback.  Both are smart women but kind of wait around for things to happen to them.  Laura is newly divorced from a husband who cheated on her.  Eunice is devoted to her boss, a man without romantic interest in her because he is gay.  She spends her life as his assistant and stays with him to the end. Laura is the housekeeper for an older man who befriends her and then leaves his estate to her.  One of his past times is keeping things he finds in the hopes of reunited them with their proper owner.  But really, he is just good at finding and keeping the things.  In his final letter to Laura, he tells her it is her duty now to take over this life's work.  She promptly creates a website and starts cataloging the many things.

In addition, there is a romance, an evil sister, and several dogs.  This is one of those stories that leaves no doubt that everything will wrap up nicely and all minor mysteries will be solved.  A little too obvious for me but I did enjoy listening to the narration.

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