Monday, October 1, 2018

Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit

Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit by Amy Stewart, 309 pages

In this fourth novel of the real-life first female sheriff's deputy in New Jersey, Deputy Constance Kopp is tasked with picking up an insane woman from her home and delivering her to the asylum where her husband, a doctor, and a judge have had her committed. Trouble is, the woman doesn't seem insane by any stretch of the imagination, and Deputy Kopp smells a rat. At the same time, kind, fair Sheriff Heath is leaving his job as he campaigns for congressman — and one of his possible replacements has a long history of disliking Deputy Kopp.

Considering it's based on things that happened a century ago, this novel feels all too timely right now. The bombastic, misogynistic Republican candidate who has no clue how to do the job he's running for, the even-keeled Democrat who puts his faith in the voters (all male at that time) to elect a smart candidate who knows the ins and outs of the job, even the woman who is deemed crazy simply because her husband says she is... It's another great book in this series, and I'm curious to see what happens next in Constance Kopp's life.

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