Monday, October 8, 2018

The Three Escapes of Hannah Arendt

The Three Escapes of Hannah Arendt: a Tyranny of Truth / Ken Krimstein, 233 p.

A lovely graphic biography of the author of The Origins of Totalitarianism, The Human Condition, Eichmann in Jerusalem: a Report on the Banality of Evil, et al.  Krimstein doesn't shy away from the intellectual challenges posed by Arendt's work, but he still produces an accessible, enjoyable read.  The artwork is lovely,  all in gray except for images of Hannah, which are splashed with a fresh green.  Intimate and rigorous.  I can't tell whether this will lead me to (finally) undertake to read the great Arendt, but Krimstein has at least tempted me. 

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