Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Ruin

The Ruin / Dervla McTiernan, read by Aoife McMahon

Detective Cormac Reilly has recently relocated to Galway to support his partner's career.  Coming from Dublin, this might be seen as a step down.  He is not greeted with open arms by his new co-workers and is assigned a bunch of cold cases that have no new leads. The cold case duty leads back to a situation from early in his career.  He was called out to a house and found a dead woman in a house and two children who had clearly not been well cared for.  This case haunted him for a long time because the kids had clearly fallen through the cracks of the social services system...or maybe there was never much of a system and only cracks.  Now the boy from the old case is an adult and has just committed suicide.  Except his girlfriend and sister don't believe the suicide story and start making a ruckus. A few other things don't add up.  What will come of this?  I'm not going to ruin the mystery for you.

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