Monday, October 10, 2016

The invisible life of Ivan Isaenko

The invisible life of Ivan Isaenko / Scott Stambach 326 pgs.

Ivan lives in Mazyr Hospital for Gravely Ill Children in Belarus.  He as born with several physical problems but his brain works just FINE, thank you.  He is seventeen and depends a lot on his one real friend, Nurse Lyudmila.  She brings him books, treats him like a real person and knows him well.  Ivan has no parents or siblings but has plenty of anger issues related to his situation.  He is seventeen as the writing of the book and imagines his life will not change, he will continue living in the hospital indefinitely and then Polina shows up.  She is dying of leukemia but can relate to Ivan and he is soon smitten.  This book is the story of her last days.  She disrupts the status quo and makes Ivan FEEL again.  Ivan wants Polina to live and does everything in his power.  This is a story about flawed love that shows you how it supposed to be done.

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