Monday, October 24, 2016

Another Brooklyn

Another Brooklyn by Jacqueline Woodson, 175 pages.

Woodson's Another Brooklyn is a beautiful and heartbreaking story about growing up someplace else with someone else, leaving behind people and places that were the most important to you. It is August's story, when it is just her and her brother, and her father. Each night she tells her brother that their mother will join them in Brooklyn tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. It becomes a story August shares with Sylvia, Gigi, and Angela as they grow up together, inseparable, and then apart. Woodson limns life's loss, loneliness, and betrayal in this spare, beautiful book, If you were lucky enough to see the author at Lit in the Lou on Saturday, she even told you how to read this book, "the white spaces mean your supposed to stop, take a breath, think about what you read. The italics mean pay attention.' This turns out to be very good advice for reading this book (though not for competitive readers, overall, especially in slow month where you started out behind. Damn, I am never going to catch Christa).

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