Monday, October 10, 2016

A Bride's Story

A Bride's Story Volume 8 by Kaoru Mori  191 pp.

Another installment in this very well done graphic novel series about the Silk Road in the 19th century. The shorter first section focuses on Anis and Sherine. Sherine is the new, second wife of Anis' husband. They are learning to be friends and to love each other as sisters. The second part is about Pariya whose village was destroyed in battle along with all the needlework she had done in preparation for her arranged marriage. She is terrified that the marriage will never take place because, not only will it take forever to replace the work she had done, she also worries that her intended will turn against her because of her frequently unpleasant temperament. As always the black and white illustrations are done with incredible detail which adds much to the stories.

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