Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Razor Girl

Razor Girl by Carl Hiassen  333 pp.

Andrew Yancy, disgraced police detective turned health inspector from the book Bad Monkey, is once again landed in a situation involving multiple criminal activities. There's the mistaken kidnapping of a Hollywood agent and the kidnapping of the correct victim, a reality television star and his fanatical and dangerous fan, Mafia gangsters, and the lawyer & fiancee who want to build on the lot next to Yancy's place, blocking his beautiful view on his island in the Florida Keys. Yancy's medical examiner girlfriend has left him for Norway and he ends up involved with Merry Mansfield, the razor girl of the title, who just happens to be involved in the kidnappings. The lawyer is suffering the horrible effects of an addiction to the ED product he advertises as fighting with a class action lawsuit. Buck Nance, the reality show star of "Bayou Brethren" (think "Duck Dynasty" but with roosters), wants to go back to living under his own name as an accordion player in home state of Wisconsin. And the fanatical fan is a racist, homophobic, violent, nutball with a penchant for guns. Add in an infestation of giant Gambian Pouched Rats, Cricetomys gambianus, and you have the usual Hiassen craziness that somehow works out in the end. The only think missing is Hiassen's returning character, Skink, who doesn't appear in this book. 

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