Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bad Monkey

Bad Monkey / Carl Hiaasen 317 pgs.

Hiaasen introduces a new character here, Andrew Yancey.  A former police detective who was busted for assaulting his then lover's husband, and is reassigned to be a health inspector.  Yancey wants nothing more than to get off "roach" duty and is losing weight after losing desire to eat at the restaurants he inspects. He gives a helping hand to the sheriff by transporting a disembodied human arm to Miami for an autopsy.  This leads to a new relationship with a hot medical examiner, Rosa.  Yancey wants to solve the murder and get his old job back.  The trail leads to the Bahamas where he meets the titular bad monkey.  Like other books by Hiaasen, you are laughing and wondering...the story is not as simple as it at first seems and there is a lot going on.  Yancey seems like a great new character and it is easy to say that Hiaasen has detailed the absurdity of life once again.

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