Friday, October 28, 2016

Paper Towns

Paper Towns by John Green  305 pp.

I like John Green's books a lot and, because I expect so much from them, I found this one a bit disappointing. Quentin aka "Q" has loved Margo Roth Spiegelman since they were children growing up together. Margo.., who is tediously referred to by her full name throughout the book, has disappeared after taking Q on a crazy nighttime expedition to various abandoned and closed places in the Orlando, Florida area. Q becomes obsessed in finding her and enlists the help of his friends in following the clues she left. Eventually they track her to a "paper town," a town that doesn't really exist but was put on a map to protect against copyright infringement. Although the aim of the book is to solve the mystery of Margo..'s disappearance, it is really a buddy story about the friendship of Q and the friends he is graduating from high school with...whether or not they make it to the ceremony.  

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