Sunday, October 23, 2016

The bookshop on the corner

The bookshop on the corner / Jenny Colgan 347 pgs.

Nina's library is closing because library service is changing...the large branch downtown is going high tech and there isn't the need for the smaller branches.  Although not a risk taker by nature, Nina decides to forge a new path rather than fight to keep a job that she won't like at the library.  Nina's strength is matching a book and reader.  She decides to open a bookshop and can only afford a van that she can drive around, parking to allow customers to shop.  She finds the perfect van in Scotland and makes the trip to the small town of the seller to complete the purchase.  It is only after she has bought that it becomes clearer that the city won't let her park the van anywhere and getting the equivalent of a business license is difficult.  Back in the Scottish town, everyone is excited about the idea of the mobile bookshop.  The last book store closed years ago as had their library.  You see where this is going...Nina takes the plunge and leaves the city to relocated to this new foreign place where the air is fresh and the people friendly.  She begins matching people with books and trying to find a match for herself as well.  This is a love story to librarians...talking about the importance of reading and how to find a good book.  Also included is a more traditional love story, an awakening of a character who realizes what life is about.  Some parts are bit predictable and silly but for someone who loves a little readers advisory, it is great.

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