Thursday, October 20, 2016

The girl with the lower back tattoo

The girl with the lower back tattoo / Amy Schumer 323 pgs.

Amy Schumer is big now but she seems perfectly aware it may not last and she is ok with that...why?  because she doesn't base her self worth on something fleeting like fame.  She seems to have a real idea of her strengths, her weaknesses, and she is mighty ok with all of them.  She may overshare a bit and clearly has no problem discussing her sex life, her family, her body, and how little she gives a shit about what other people say.  She has made mistakes (the tattoo in the title, for starts) and acknowledges that she will make many more.  Another thing is that ok.  If you have seen her television show or her stand-up performances and liked them, you will probably like this book.  Not every story here is funny but there are more "deep thoughts" and personal moments than I expected.  Although there is a bit of filler material (sorry, you can't just reproduce your journals from years ago and pretend like you wrote a book), much of what you read seems to be real experiences and reactions...warts and all.

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