Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Dog Stars by Peter Heller

The Dog Stars by Peter Heller, 320 pages.

Peter Heller composes a lyrical and nostalgic tale of a man longing for a world that was. Hig, widowed by the plagues that have swept across the world, lives now in an abandoned airfield. He spends his days flying his 1956 Cessna-looking for maurauders- with only his dog, and a perpetually angry, and heavily armed survivalist for company. He dreams of his dead wife as he watches what little is left of his world succumb to newer diseases and climate change. Bittersweet and broken-hearted.

A really beautiful book. One of this year's best.-Patrick

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  1. The prose and language in this book was outstanding, very poetic. There are a few passages about grief that I will never forget and I imagine that I will come back to them again and again. I could not stop reading it. Some parts made me cry, others made me scared, some were exciting. Great book, I'd recommend it to anyone.

    Charmaine Smith (Parts for Hummer)