Monday, October 29, 2012

Plastic Free

Plastic Free:  how I kicked the plastic habit and how you can too by Beth Terry 344 pgs.

Beth Terry has made it a goal to get plastic out of her life.  Partly for the global environmental impact that plastic has but also because of the personal health problems that result from plastic use. This book gives practical steps for the beginner and moves into more a advanced commitment for the advancing the end to plastic exposure.  At the same time, her goal is not to make you feel guilty for NOT doing this or for being imperfect in your attempts.  She highlights certain individuals who have made changes but who are still working towards a plastic free (or plastic LESS) existence.  You won't find all answers in this book but the idea that you should minimize the contact of your food to plastics and to STOP NOW heating foods in plastic containers is something we can all do. I particularly like the comment from one reader of Beth Terry's blog that she is incorporating one suggestion a month into her routine which feels manageable while making continued improvements.  Seems like a sane way to make a difference.

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