Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Naughty by Brenda Hampton p. 329

Jaylin has two women, Nokea and Felicia, who have been in his life for years. They know about each other and continue to date him anyways. Felicia believes if she can get rid of Nokea, she can have Jaylin to herself. That isn't very likely because Jaylin has been with Nokea longer, and he likes her better. On top of that, he meets Scorpio. She is not the type of woman he would normally go after but she gets him anyways. For awhile at least.
Brenda Hampton is a great author who knows how to draw readers in. When she came here a couple months ago she said Jaylin is based on someone she knows. That made me want to read this series even more. This guy is something else. It was a good read. I would recommend it.

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