Monday, October 8, 2012

a + e 4EVER

a + e 4EVER by Ilike Merey  214 pp.

Asher Machnik (Ash) is a boy with an androgynous appearance. Needless to say, he is bullied because of it and has become afraid of being touched. His one escape from his dreary life is art. Eulalie (Eu) Mason is a tough dyke who has no friends but learns to appreciate all of Ash's qualities. Their friendship opens up Ash's world. But Eu keeps her feelings about him hidden so he doesn't get scared away. The juxtaposition of boy and girl, gay and straight, navigating their way through friendship and love forms the basis of an intricate story. The black and white sketch style drawing and use of multiple fonts adds to the artsy side of the story.

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