Monday, October 22, 2012

Seating Arrangements

Seating Arrangements/Maggie Shipstead 302 pgs.

Daphne and Greyson are getting married which makes everyone happy except for the "shotgun" aspect to the wedding.  Daphne is 7 months along and her father is a bit embarrassed by the situation.  Of course, her father has some other "old fashioned" ideas that he can't shake.  Like the club he was asked to join in college being one of the most important things in his life (40 years after the fact) and that he dated and dumped a woman during that time period would be something that she still thinks about every day.  The bride's sister has recently been dumped by a guy who she felt was "the one" which has made her horribly depressed and thin.  She isn't really all that happy for her sister.  The brides mother is a stoic woman who may have some disappointments of her own but who will ignore everything to make things seem right.  Parts of this book are really funny and some are a little scary because I think they may be true.  Very enjoyable.

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