Monday, October 29, 2012

Murderville 2

Murderville 2 by Ashley & JaQuavis p. 352

Liberty and Po are brought together by fate. They need each other because they have both just lost the most important person in their lives. In fact, Po's ex-girlfriend's heart beats in Liberty's chest. He wants to make Liberty happy. She wants to go visit her home: Sierra Leone. When they get there, she finds the only surviving member of her family, her cousin. She has nothing but love in her heart for her cousin but her cousin is jealous of how free she lives in America. She is sent to America to assist Po with his new diamond business and she works hard to come between Liberty and Po's relationship.
Ashley and JaQuavis deal with some serious issues in the Murderville Trilogy. The first book dealt with human trafficking. The whole book was sad and heart wrenching. This book wasn't as sad but it dealt with the diamond trade. I think they are beginning to use their voice in a great way. I hope they continue on this path. Everyone should read these books.

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