Friday, February 3, 2017

Sleeping Giants

Sleeping Giants / Sylvain Neuvel, 304 pgs.

A little girl in South Dakota falls into a hole.  When she is rescued, it turns out she is resting in the palm of a hand.  The hand is the only piece found.  It is made of a strange metal and has interesting hieroglyphics on it.  Fast forward many years and that little girl is now a PhD physicists and more pieces are being found.  What is this new strange thing?  Who buried it thousands of years ago?  How will the research team figure all of this out?  An interesting team is formed to work on it.  The person pulling all the strings is an unnamed narrator.  Other members of the team area brash army helicopter pilot and a Canadian linguist.  Everyone talks to the narrator.  I listened to the audio book and it was great.  Each character had a different voice and the cast did  a great job.  Science fiction isn't a strong genre for me but this was a good one for me loaded with action and political intrigue.

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