Sunday, February 12, 2017

The big tiny

The big tiny: a built-it-myself memoir / Dee Williams, 288 pgs.

Dee Williams was living the American dream, she had a decent job, owned a house she could barely afford and spent a lot of her time maintaining the stuff she owned.  Then, one day, she is felled by a heart problem that she didn't know she had.  This is the beginning of a time for change for her.  She realizes she is running around in circles and her stress level is too high, she doesn't know how serious her health issue will be but she wants less to worry about.  She is inspired by an article about an Iowa City guy who built and is living in a tiny house.  She decides to downsize herself and ends up building "Big Tiny," an 85 square food house on a trailer.  She and her dog move into a friend's back yard and she experiments with her new lifestyle.  I have been very intrigued with the tiny house movement and this book is an interesting introduction.  Williams tells a lot more about her life in general than just the tiny house and impresses me as someone with a total "can do" attitude.  Mostly, her life is pretty average but she takes us through her decision to make changes and that seems valuable to hear.

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