Monday, February 6, 2017

Paradise Lodge / Nina Stibbe, 274 pp.

Many thanks to Kara and Christa for reading and blogging about this title I would have missed.  I loved this coming-of-age novel of Lizzy, age 15, who begins working at the nursing home Paradise Lodge for pocket money and is quickly thrown into the deep end, responsibility-wise.  Lizzy is resourceful and astute and she quickly becomes a valued member of the highly dysfunctional Lodge team.  Now, if only she could start attending school again...

Stibbe brings to life a vivid cast, with not a stock character in the bunch.  My favorite is Lizzy's mother, a loving trainwreck, whose impending marriage to Mr. Holt figures in the novel's dramatic finish.  Rich in specific detail of time (the mid-70s) and place, (Leicestershire), a review won't do this funny, smart and warm novel justice.

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