Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Fatal Grace, by Louise Penny

Book two of the Chief Inspector Gamache novels (and I’m comforted by the fact that there are nine more left at this writing) is again set in the obscure little village of Three Pines in Quebec, not far from Montreal.  Like an unhappy version of Brigadoon, it seems to only surface in time for another murder, this one of the odious CC de Poitiers.  She has recently self-published Be Calm, a book outlining her weird philosophy for life – one of her gurus is “Ramen Das.”  And soon she will leave it, but not before buying the ill-fated old Hadley mansion, scene of so much mayhem in the first volume of the series, and moving her hen-pecked husband Richard and doleful obese teenaged daughter Crie into it.  How on earth did she manage to get electrocuted while watching the annual post-Christmas curling match on a frozen lake outside the village? Many of the same characters reappear and are becoming old friends to the reader.  I look forward to the next inevitable and odd death in this quiet town.  313 pp.

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