Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The old man

The old man / Thomas Perry, 337 pgs.

An exciting thriller that features Dan Chase, a retiree who is also an ex military intelligence officer that ended up with $20 million after a mission went wrong.  He has been in hiding for years after trying to make things right with the government.  Now he has been discovered and is on the run with he is two beloved dogs, Dave and Carol.  Yes, the dogs are named Dave and Carol and for some reason that makes me love them and their owner.  Dan is fairly prepared to be on the run. His wife died years ago so it is just him and the dogs.  His daughter is an adult and knows the drill.  He has been careful to keep her identity separate from his own. He has a lot of cash and several fake identities.  He was trained well by the military and doesn't have too much problem dispatching a few armatures who sent to kill him.  Now he has paired up with a woman looking for some adventure of her own who may also have an interesting past.  Also featured is a young agent who is hunting for Dan.  He is the only one who has seen the old man.  Since everyone in the book uses multiple names and fake identities, there isn't much reason to use their names in this review.  Overall the book was pretty exciting and as unrealistic as many of the enjoyable popular thrillers.

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