Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Pax by Sara Pennypacker  276 pp.

Pax is an award winning story of a boy and his pet fox, separated because of war. The book takes place in an unknown country in an unknown time. Pax, the fox was rescued by Peter as an orphaned kit just a few days old. Peter, who is mourning his dead mother, develops a strong attachment to the animal and they are inseparable. When Peter's father must go to war he insists that Pax be released into the wild when Peter is sent to stay with his grandfather. Pax does not have the knowledge to survive in the wild but eventually is befriended by other foxes and slowly learns the way of the forest while avoided the devastating effects of war. Peter runs away in search of Pax but ends up injured and cared for by Vola, who lives like a hermit on an old farm. Vola is a veteran of a previous war and an amputee suffering from PTSD. Together she and Peter learn how to cope with their own lives, as Pax has done in the wild. This was one of the books I selected for the Treehouse Book Club.

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