Friday, February 3, 2017

All the birds in the sky

All the birds in the sky / Charlie Jane Anders, 316 pgs

Patricia and Laurence are a couple of odd balls.  They meet as kids in elementary school and bond (a bit).  In many ways, the rest of the book is about them reconnecting and then disconnecting several more times in their lives. Oh sure, that is a gross simplification but the basic form of the book.  Patricia is a witch and Laurence is a nerdy tech guru.  Each is trying to save the earth which seems to be on its last leg.  They sometimes work together and sometimes are at odds with each other.  Their natural affection for each other is obvious to us as readers but not always so obvious to them.  Are they going to save the world?  End up together?  Destroy the world? Destroy each other? Lots going on here. Occasionally confusing to me but mostly good.

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