Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Big little lies

Big little lies / Liane Moriarty, 460 pgs.

A school trivia night turns tragic when things get out of hand and someone ends up dead.  The book traces back in flashback, six months prior to figure out where the problem started.  Three main characters are moms with kindergarten kids.  Two are old friends and a third, Jane, has just moved to town.  This book shows us the relationships of the women with each other, their kids, and their husbands.  Each has something that is eating away at them.  We go through most of the book before we find out whose body is recovered at trivia night.  This has recently been made into an HBO limited series that changes the setting from Australia to California.  After two episodes, it seems like the series is sticking pretty close to the book and that is a good thing.

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