Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Atlas Obscura: an Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders / Joshua Foer, 470 pp.

I loved this book, a compendium of the weird-but-fascinating (and occasionally beautiful) from around the globe.  Organized by continent, most sites are accessible, and contact information is given for those planning to visit.  In Romania, there is a Merry Cemetery, full of colorfully decorated crosses and limericks about the deceased, at the intersection of routes 19 and 183.  Ilha de Queimada Grande, an island off Sao Paulo, is covered in lancehead viper snakes and forbidden to visitors; contact the Brazilian Navy for more details.  If snakes aren't your thing, try the Hotel Sidi Driss in Tunisia.  Star Wars: a New Hope was filmed there, and for $20 a night you can pretend to be young Luke.  A helpful US map indicates the 35 lake monsters to be found throughout the 50 states.

Weird is good.  Read this book!

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