Thursday, February 23, 2017

Difficult Women

Difficult Women / Roxane Gay, 260 pgs.

A collection of short stories by Roxane Gay, author of Bad Feminist, which was a collection of essays.  I have also read one of Gay's fiction books and I will probably read even more of her writing as it becomes available.  Why?  Because Roxane has a lot to say!  The stories in this book focus on women and their relationships to men.  Many are sexual in nature but not all.  They tell a lot of different stories. Some of the women are VERY damaged.  Some are in odd situations or their circumstances have recently changed to something unfamiliar.  Pretty much all of them are thinkers, coping with life "stuff" and trying to survive in a world that is trying to knock them down.  Some of the stories are a bit too depressing for me.  Some are just perfect.  One of my favorites tells of the woman who is fine with her husband wanting an "open marriage." She herself has no interest in engaging with other partners but she thinks he should do so if it will make him happy.  As the story goes, we find out that "he has no game," the wife is unconcerned because she believes he will not be able to follow through and find another woman.  Although the title doesn't describe all of the women in these stories, it does provide insight into most.

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