Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Still Here

Still here / Lara Vapnyar 310 pgs.

Four friends who immigrated from Russia are living in New York City.  They are hitting middle age with all the joys that go along, relationship breakups, seeking success that just WILL NOT COME, and generally figuring things out.  Although their American lives seem different, they are struggling with similar issues.  Regina is married, not sure she loves her husband but at least likes him. Vica and Sergey are married to one another but not sure they should be.  Vadik is the glue that holds the group together but is beginning to wonder if he should continue.  He works for Regina's husband, had dated Vica and is Sergey's best friend.  When Sergey and Vica split, Vadik allows Sergey to move into his apartment and discovers he is not the ideal roommate.

This group is fun to follow.  Despite the traumas of middle age, they are gaining wisdom and learning acceptance.

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