Saturday, September 17, 2016

Buried Caesars

Buried Caesars / Stuart M. Kaminsky 296 pgs.

Toby Peters gets hired by no less than General Douglas MacArthur to find some embarrassing papers and a load of cash he used to pay someone off.  Toby is assisted by Dashiell Hammett on the case, Dashiell is in town to get his teeth fixed by Toby's office mate, Dentist Sheldon Mink.  Toby is also assisted by an orange cat that he rescues from the scene of a suicide.  This is a pretty standard book in this long series.  I love the L.A. setting and the World War II time frame.  I listened to the audio book which was expertly narrated by Stephen Bowlby.  Wondering if the cat is going to show up in the next book.

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