Saturday, December 9, 2017

The quantum spy

The quantum spy / David Ignatius, 323 pages

A fast paced thriller involving high spy and espionage. The CIA has a mole they need to flush out and the Chinese have a need to beat the US in making quantum computing work.  This pits two intelligence services against each other in a classic spy tale with a cyber focus.  There is still a chance for the operatives to travel, communicate in secret code and spy on each other in person.  But the backdrop is the struggle to surpass the super computer era and move to the quantum computing era.  The CIA is buying up the work of academic and companies and forcing them to become "dark" projects.  Chinese based venture capitalists firms are trying to get there first to provide funding for these projects.  CIA boss John Vandel uses his agent Harris Chang to try and double cross his counterpart Li Zian.  What Vandel doesn't know is how close Zian is to turning Chang.  What Zian doesn't know is how close he is to getting run out of his service due to a lot of factors, not the least is his communist counterparts becoming devoted to collecting up a lot of money for themselves.  Interesting modern spy tale with some great classic spy action. 

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